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WESguard Machine Hazard Audit

How can you know what to DO, if you don't know what you NEED?

The first step in planning to improve your safeguarding is understanding the status of all your critical production machines. This focused audit is perfect for companies who are unsure how to improve their machine safety and need guidance on where to start. Our service is always performed onsite and allows everyone involved to fully understand the hazards and priorities being suggested to you.


  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of the scope of your machine inventory from qualified experts
  • Brings awareness to existing hazards
  • High level solutions are customized to your unique safety and production needs
  • Ensure you work on the most critical items first with a prioritized to do list
  • Flat rate charge based on the number of machines at your facility – no surprises!

Our Process:

  1. Provide us with the approximate amount of machines at your facility. Based on this number, we will provide you with a fully detailed proposal.
  2. Upon approval of the proposal, we will book a time with you to complete an audit, which includes:
    • Documentation of all applicable machines
    • Observation of the machines in use by your employees
    • Assessment of the major hazards of each machine
    • Evaluation of the current safeguards in place
    • Assignment of a risk rating to each machine
  3. We enter all your audit information into our web-based application, WESguard, where you can easily manage your machine safety program by viewing your recommendations, managing action items and showing the risk reduction in your facility.
  4. Allow us to continue to work together with you to make improvements to your equipment and reduce your risk rating.

Past Successes

“WESguard provides a framework that simplifies the process for assessing machine hazards and performing risk assessments.  The workflow is neatly organized and helps ensu...

Risk assessments made easy.
The #1 factor in an effective machine safety program.
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