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Workplace Engineering Solutions is a solutions oriented consulting company who will help you maximize your productivity by providing real world solutions to your machine safeguarding and manufacturing problems.

Mike and Kristin formed Workplace Engineering Solutions as a result of their extensive experience in machinery safeguarding in a production environment, and their drive to bring CSA Z432-04 assessments affordably to the Manitoba market.

They do this by following a custom designed process, utilising their 20+ years of experience, and engaging with the client through to the end of the process.

Workplace Engineering Solutions provides full solutions that work for your business, not quick fixes.

Mike Gordon, P.Eng

Mike Gordon, P.Eng - Workplace Engineering Solutions

Graduating in 1996 from Carleton University in Ottawa, Mike has 19 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer.

Mike developed mechanical engineering expertise through a hands-on approach, and has always maintained a focus on real world solutions, specializing in:

  • Machine Safeguarding Assessments
  • Team building, leadership and delegation through to the end of a process
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Practical application of codes and regulations

Mike is the co-chair of North American Occupational Health and Safety Week (NOASH), and a member of the technical committee for CSA Z142-10: Code for Power Press Operation

"Solutions that improve the productivity of the machine are the best, if not the only, safety solutions"

Sample Project: Guidebook

Description: Support a manufacturing plant in implementing a guidebook for its maintenance processes. The guidebook is a collection of best practices for running the operation, and also changing the business to incorporate corporate standards for excellence. These processes include machine breakdown service and preventative programs for reducing downtime. Equipment varied from small single operation equipment to larger more complicated CNC machine centers.

Goals: Implement set guidebook of best practice policies for maintenance. Score 100% on audit of these processes. Ensure proper support programs such as TPM, Machine Backups, OEM Technical Support, and documented procedures for all processes and procedures. Improve machine available time by reducing unplanned service.

Results: 50% increase in guidebook score, over 50 TPM events completed and audit procedures in place. 20% Reduction in plant downtime.

Kristin Petaski, P.Eng

Kristin Petaski, P.Eng - Workplace Engineering Solutions

Graduating in 2006 from University of Manitoba, Kristin has 9 years experience as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Kristin has worked in a production environment through most of her career, specializing in:

  • Machine safeguarding audits and design
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Machine installation and implementation
  • Shop floor associate management and training

Kristin is currently the vice-president of the Incident Prevention Association of Manitoba and a member of the technical committee for CSA Standard Z432: Safeguarding of Machinery.

"We have a process. When we follow it we get you back to work, not only quickly, but more efficiently and effectively."

Sample Project: Assembly Line Re-Design

Description: Participated in the execution of a manufacturing strategic plan to re-align our value stream for our customer. Specifically worked on the Assembly portion of this plan which dealt with designing assembly lines to meet customer demands. Worked together with a multi-disciplinary team to achieve a more efficient and flexible assembly line through redesign of the production process, implementation of new machinery, and reorganization of the process layout using Lean Manufacturing principles. The plan involved engaging associates with the changes and soliciting their ideas and participation in the solutions through multiple Kaizen Improvement Events.

Goals: Reduce labour costs, improve product sequencing, reduce inventory, reduce floor space, increase first-pass yield (FPY), improve quality

Results: Labour savings of $300,000 per year, reduction of 14,000 sq ft of floor space, 30% improvement on FPY, reduced inventory by 70%