Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Do You Have Unstable Equipment?


Have you ever noticed a machine that seemed like it might topple over if bumped or a machine that moved unexpectedly during operation? Have you thought to yourself “this can’t be safe” but were unsure if it specifically violated any safety standards? Well you would be right, a machine that is unstable presents unnecessary hazards in the workplace and would not be in compliance with CSA Standard Z432-04: Safeguarding of Machinery.

CSA Standard Z432-04: Safeguarding of Machinery Section states that machines must be designed to be stable so that they cannot tip or roll over. Factors to consider in the stability of a machine include geometry of the base, weight distribution, dynamic forces, vibration and external forces. If special provisions must be taken to ensure the stability of a piece of equipment, the manufacturer is required to include a warning on the machine or in the machine’s manual.

Stability is often well thought out for operation of the machine, but CSA states that stability must be considered in all phases of the machine’s life cycle which includes transportation, installation and dismantling. These other life stages of a machine are often overlooked and serious injuries can occur. So next time you notice a machine that looks unstable, be proactive and ensure that it is rectified before someone gets hurt.


Posted by Kristin Petaski at 2:07 PM


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