Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Customer Spotlight - Armtec Precast

We love showing off our amazing clients, so when Armtec Precast dominated NAOSH Week we just had to tell everyone about it.

Armtec Precast (a division of Armtec) specializes in the manufacturing of structural precast/prestressed concrete products, such as components for parkades, bridges and the mining and energy sector. They have been working very hard to improve the safety culture throughout their company. One of their initiatives this year was to get their entire workforce involved in NAOSH Week. They planned events throughout the entire week ranging from a kick-off bbq, contest and prizes, a clean up hour, near miss activity, training events and risk assessment activities. The workers enjoyed the clean up hour so much that they have implemented clean up sessions every other Friday going forward.

Armtec Precast asked Workplace Engineering Solutions to deliver a training session for all their workers focused on workplace hazard identification. We wanted a fun-interactive experience that was relatable to their own workplace. We started off with a short presentation on types of hazards, how to identify them and where to look, and we took examples from their own shop floor. Then we played a game called “Who Wants to be a Hazard Expert”, modelled after the popular gameshow “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”. The participants divided up into teams to see who could get the furthest in the game by answering multiple choice questions based on hazards in their own workplace. As they answered questions correctly and got closer to the $1 Million question, they received ballot entries into draws for fun gift cards. The workers had a great time working together with their friends, heckling other teams, using their lifelines and learning how to identify unsafe working conditions. The event was a huge success and a good time was had by all!

Armtec surveyed their employees to find out what they thought of NAOSH Week, here a few quotes from the responses they received:

“The Millionnaire game was a good way to train.”

”Near miss initiative is a good way to encourage the employees.”

“Clean up hour was much needed.”

Congratulations to Armtec Precast Winnipeg for organizing a sensational NAOSH Week. We can’t wait to see how you top it next year!

You can view a short video of the game here.

NAOSH Activity hazard identification training


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