Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Summer Machine Checklist Part 2

Looking after your equipment is an important part of running your business.  These items are related to how the workers use that equipment, and they can be important to understanding how strong your machine safety program is.

Point of Operation: Ask your operators if they can indicate what the point of operation is for their machine.  Can they tell you what the hazards are with contacting the point of operation, will they be pinched, crushed or entangled?  You’ve done lots of training with your operators, but can they repeat this information back to you.  More importantly can they show you on the equipment in a practical sense where the hazards are.

TIP TO SUSTAIN: If you have a risk assessment, make sure this information is on it.  If you have work procedures, make sure the point of operation, its associated hazards and any controls for those hazards are in these procedures.

Energy Sources: Bring anyone that does service on the equipment together.  Ask them to indicate all the energy sources and show you were they are located.  Ask them how to release stored energy.  Here is an important challenge for them.  Get them to show you how to verify that energy has been isolated.  How do they prove that energy is controlled?

TIP TO SUSTAIN: Make sure your lockout procedures contain the verification steps.  This is important as a double check to ensure the lockout has been followed correctly.

Maintenance: Talk to the people that service the equipment.  Get them to show you any of the guards that need to be removed to service (when the machine is locked out).  Find out from them if energy is required for service.

TIP TO SUSTAIN: This is a good opportunity to discover if some safeguards are preventing maintenance from performing their function.  Instead of waiting to find them on the ground at some point, be proactive and engage them to find out why guards need to be removed, how frequent and any reasons why they may not be put back on.

This is not a comprehensive list of items to talk to workers about, just some tips to get you started.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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