Friday, March 23, 2018

Critical Item : Operating Stations

Operating Stations contain controls that make machinery perform the function it was designed for.  Here are some areas that need to be considered.


Operator don’t have adequate vision of the process they are controlling:  They can’t see problems form and address them before a larger issue occurs.

Controls are not comfortably located: Ergonomic issues are caused by operators reaching or standing at operating stations for long periods of time.

Access to hazardous parts of the mechanism when accessing controls:  Larger hazards of the equipment can be accessed when approaching Operating Stations.

Accidental Activation of foot controls:  These controls are not shrouded and can be activated inadvertently.


Adequately Positioned Controls

No access to hazardous parts of transfer mechanisms, conveyors

Shrouded Foot Controls, or otherwise arranged to prevent accidental activation


CSA Z432-16: Safeguarding of Machinery, Section 7.11


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