Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Critical Item: Point of Operation


The Point of Operation is simply the place where work is performed on the product, such as boring, cutting or forming.  Here are the steps to evaluating the Point of Operation:

  1. What are all the activities performed at this area?  Is the material loaded here, is it unloaded?  Those are important starting points, but dig deeper.  What activities are not as common as load/unload, like tool changes, cleaning and setup.  Make sure all the activities are captured.
  2. What are the hazards with each activity?  There are usually moving parts involved with a Point of Operation, what are the hazards associated with them?  Can you get abrasions, pinched or crushed, or entangled with these moving parts?  Are they readily accessible from where the operator will be working?
  3. What could cause a worker to be exposed to these hazards during these activities?  Would it be reaching too far, or something like an accidental activation of the equipment.

      With this information, you are starting the process of the risk assessment.  There is more work to do, but above is your starting point.  Why do you need to do this work?  This comprehensive list will allow us to determine if there are current controls for each of these hazards.  The scoring of the hazards will also allow us to determine if these controls are adequate for the risk, or do we need higher level proposed controls.


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